Your Credit After A Short Sale

Wow I am just speechless at the credit repair company the 12:45 Team is partnering with now. I am about to go through this program myself and we are putting some of our past clients through this program as we speak.

In a nutshell (yes this sounds to good to be true, but keep reading and then contact me asap)  this company will remove all negative items on your credit report!  That means once your short sale is completed and reported as a negative item on your credit report, this company will get it removed and your credit will be back to normal!

This is huge! We have always stressed to our clients to ask themselves, if you were forgiven over 100k and did not have to pay the bank back and were able to sell your home, how much was this worth to you to have a 18-24 month hit on your credit.  This honestly is the hold up for most people in doing a short sale.  Now you don't even have to worry about this. 

Contact me for more information about this.

We will also be keeping everyone updated on the progress of our past clients going through this program and we will have video testimonials :)