Wells Fargo Citi Short Sale Approval Letter 2287 Hunters Run Drive Reston, VA

2287 Hunters Run Drive, Reston, VA Wells Fargo & Citi Mortgage Short Sale

We continue to be 100% in successfully completing short sales for our sellers.

We just got this short sale approved!! The seller was forgiven over 100k

Quick Facts

Hardship: Upside Down on the mortgage, loss of renters

List Date: 9/02/2011
Contract Date: 10/12/2011
Approval Date: 11/17/2011
Close Date: 12/15/2011
Result: Full deficiency waiver for our seller.

The seller of this condo is a good friend of mine.  She bought at the height of the market, moved out the area and was renting it out at a loss. I explained to her what a short sale was and that its the best option for her. I highly recommend doing a short sale to my friends and family as well, as you can see here. Wells Fargo & Citi worked very fast for us on this short sale. As you can see, we had full approval on this short sale from Wells Fargo & Citi in 35 days!  Thats really good.  The better news is the seller was forgiven over 100k in deficiency that she would have had to pay the banks back.  Our seller bought this place and lived in it for a few years and then moved out.  After moving out she had renters in the property.  During this time she was losing money each month in addition to be upside down on her mortgage. Her renter broke his lease and she decided a short sale was her best option.

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