Fairfax Ridge Condo Short Sale SOLD Fairfax, VA Real Estate

We sold our client's Condo at Fairfax Ridge today. The lender was Chase Mortgage and over $360,000 was owed on two trusts. The home sold for $249,900. It took a lil over 4 months from contract to close and the seller ONLY had to come to closing with a $5,000 contribution to Chase. Congrats to our seller who was forgiven over $110,000 !!  Our seller in this case had to make a strategic short sale decision.  He could afford the condo but there was no point.  It had lost so much value, there was no point keeping it anymore. This was his primary residence. If you have any questions about short sales or you know someone that needs help, call me at 703-725-2929 or email me at natejohnson@kw.com Please also visit our websites http://www.myshortsalecondo.com/ and http://www.myshortsaletownhome.com/

To see the short sale approval for this condo Click Here and Here