Great News! Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended!

Congress approved the other day the extension of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act until 2014.  This is awesome news for those homeowners who are upside down on their home and thinking about doing a short sale.

In a nut shell,  the government is encouraging you to do a short sale. They are saying you do not have to pay taxes on the amount that is forgiven, if its your primary residence.  If your home is not your primary residence there are other ways you do not have to pay taxes either.

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Nationstar & Greentree Short Sale Fairfax Ridge Approval Letter Specialist

If you have a condo at Fairfax Ridge or Northern Virginia, let us help you do a short sale so you do not waste away your life savings on a home upside down.

Nationstar Mortgage and Greentree were the loans on this short sale. Real Estate Agent Short Sale Specialist for Virginia & Maryland

11352 Aristotle Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030- 2bd/2ba with garage - $250,000
We continue to be 100% in completing short sales for our sellers. Its important you hire a short sale specialist with experience with your bank.

We just got this short sale approved. The seller was forgiven over 105k
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Quick Facts

Hardship: Upside Down on the mortgage, going through a divorce.

Ratified Contract: 08/29/2012 
Final Approval Date: 10/09/2012
Close Date: 11/02/2012

Result: Full deficiency waiver for our seller.
We listed this property in June and got a contract quickly.  But Nationstarts BPO (appraisal) came in higher than our first buyer wanted to pay.  Meaning the bank thought the home was worth more than our offer.  The buyer walked and we quickly got a new buyer the end of August.  We got final approval on October 9th and closed November 2.  In all, the entire process took a little more than 4 months.

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