AHMSI - American Home Mortgage Short Sale Approval Letter Fairfax Center Landbay Real Estate Specialist Agent Virginia & Maryland

AHMSI - American Home Mortgage Short Sale Approval Letter Real Estate Specialist Agent Virginia & Maryland

4124 Fairfax Center Creek Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030 - $405,000
We continue to be 100% in completing short sales for our sellers. Its important you hire a short sale specialist with experience with your bank.
We just got this short sale approved. The seller was forgiven over 180k!!

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Quick Facts

Hardship: Upside Down on the mortgage, lot of debt

List Date: 03/13/2012
Approval Date: 3/21/2012
Close Date: 6/29/2012

Result: Full deficiency waiver for our seller.

AHMSI American Home Mortgage, This was our sellers 2nd short sale with us. Both were with AHMSI.  The first one they did was a HAFA short sale because it was their primary residence. Read more about it here.  For this one it was a regular short sale. They had rented the townhome out for a few years at a very big loss and could not continue doing so.  We got the approval letter in less than 90 days and closed in 106 days!

If you would like for us to refer you to a tax professional with short sale experience, conact us at Nate@1245team.com

If you have any questions concerning AHMSI American Home Mortgage HAFA Short Sales Contact Us. We have a proven record with AHMSI American Home Mortgage (Preforeclosure) Short Sales. We can help you with AHMSI American Home Mortgage HAFA Short Sale in Virginia & Maryland.


Bank of America Short Sale Testimonial from our Client on Zillow

Read our client Eboni's review on zillow below. 


"I had a condo that I could no longer afford. I filed bankruptcy back in 2009 so the condo had been sitting there since then, almost 3 years. I received a post card from Nate about doing a short sale and how they had been successful in my condo complex. I gave him a call. He was professional and was quick to get started. Any time I emailed him or called, he was quick to respond. The short sale went through in about 2 months from the day I contacted him. I have never been more impressed then I was with Nate and the 12:45 team who assisted him on the short sale. Everyone I talked to on the time, was professional and handled themselves with class. I would still be stuck with this condo if it wasn't for Nate. I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of doing a short sale. Now I am burden free and I owe it all to Nate and the 12:45 team. Great Job Nate!"


We just got our 50th short sale approved!   We still are 100%.  We cant guarantee we will get your home short sold and deficiency waived but I like those odds!  50 for 50.

If your upside down lets chat about your options.  703-725-2929  No obligation. Just get the facts first, before you make a decision.