What Is A Short Sale ?

Short Sale-

Selling Your Home For Less Than What You Owe. 

Once you sell your home, then you are obligated to pay back the difference to the bank.  This can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and be very unrealistic for a lot of sellers to pay back. 

We have helped many clients here in Northern Virginia succesfully obtain short sale approval letters from their bank and they do not have to pay back the difference in what they owe!!!  We have had 100% success getting our short sales approved by the bank in the last 2 years!

We have teamed up with a law firm that will be representing you in the whole short sale process and negotiating on your behalf.  The whole purpose in our short sales is to get the bank to forgive your debt. (the amount you would owe, after selling your property for less than what you paid) 

Have You Been Affected By One Of The Hardships Below? 
  • You lost your job
  • Your salary or hours have been reduced
  • Divorce
  • Forced to relocate for a new job
  • Your interest rate has adjusted or is about to
  • Investment property gone bad
  • House is to small for your family now

You did not create the housing market to crash, but just like thousands of homeowners like yourself, you are now not able to sell your home for what you bought it for.

Check out some of our short sale letters below, where the law firm has negotiated on behalf of the seller and they did not have to repay their debt.

Contact us today if you if want to see if you can qualify for a short sale.

Arlington Condo Short Sale SOLD The Phoenix in Clarendon Arlington, VA Real Estate

We sold our client's Condo at The Phoenix in Clarendon, Arlington, VA today. The lender was Bank of America BOA and over $330,000 was owed. The home sold for $278,000.   Congrats to our seller who was forgiven over $75,000 !!   If you have any questions about short sales or you know someone that needs help, call me at 703-725-2929 or email me at natejohnson@kw.com  Please also visit our websites  http://www.myshortsalecondo.com/ and http://www.myshortsaletownhome.com/

To see the short sale approval for this condo Click Here and Here