Acacia Wells Fargo Short Sale Approval Letter Penderbrook Square 12159 Penderview Terrace Fairfax, VA

We just got this short sale approved and closed  with Acacia and Wells Fargo!!! 12159 Penderview Terrace. October 14, 2011

Quick Facts
Hardship: To Much Debt, Upside Down on the mortgage, place is to small
Days for Approval: We got this approval letter in 73 days from contract ratification.
Amount Forgiven: Over $100,000 and the seller does not have to pay the bank back!

We did not have any problems with Acacia or Wells Fargo.  We had some slight delays with both lenders but overcame both problems.  Acacia did not want to start the process, so we had to escalate to the president of Acacia to get him to move this file along.  Wells Fargo was fighting us because they believe our client could afford the place.  She could but she no longer wanted it as it was upside down. We negotiated and got both of these banks to full approve the short sale and waive the deficiency.
Here's the Acacia and Wells Fargo short sale approval letter. The banks states "The preforclosure sale may have an impact on your income taxes. You should consult with your tax preparation professional. Additionally this transaction will be reported to the credit bureau as 'Settled in full for less than total payoff.'" According to the tax attorney, this is a good letter. Since this was her primary residence, she will not have to pay taxes on the forgiven amount.

If you have any questions concerning Acacia and Wells Fargo Short Sales Contact Us. We have a proven record with Acacia and Wells Fargo (Preforeclosure) Short Sales. We can help you with Acacia and Wells Fargo Short Sales in Virginia & Maryland.

Cinderella's Ball - A Night To Remember

This past Saturday I had the privilege of taking my oldest daughter Kaylee to a Cinderella Ball (Father Daughter Dance) It was a local event with over 150 Fathers and their daughters attending.  It was a special time for us and others to spend this time with our girls and Kaylee loves dancing. 

During the event, I found out why this local church put the event on.  It was really neat to hear that the princesses and parents all volunteered their time for one main purpose.  To raise money for the poor children in DC who struggle to get their next meal.  The event was a success and raised over $4,500!

Our real estate team, the 12:45 Team have a big mission this year also and that's to give $20,000 back to the 3 charities we support.  We are really close to hitting this # and we could use your help.  We want to hear what organizations you support either with your time or money.  We want to help support them monetarily also.   Just email me back today to find out how we are willing to support organizations that you care deeply about.

- Nate

Your Credit After A Short Sale

Wow I am just speechless at the credit repair company the 12:45 Team is partnering with now. I am about to go through this program myself and we are putting some of our past clients through this program as we speak.

In a nutshell (yes this sounds to good to be true, but keep reading and then contact me asap)  this company will remove all negative items on your credit report!  That means once your short sale is completed and reported as a negative item on your credit report, this company will get it removed and your credit will be back to normal!

This is huge! We have always stressed to our clients to ask themselves, if you were forgiven over 100k and did not have to pay the bank back and were able to sell your home, how much was this worth to you to have a 18-24 month hit on your credit.  This honestly is the hold up for most people in doing a short sale.  Now you don't even have to worry about this. 

Contact me for more information about this.

We will also be keeping everyone updated on the progress of our past clients going through this program and we will have video testimonials :)

BOA Bank of America Short Sale Fairfax Ridge, Fairfax, VA Aristotle Drive

11375 Aristotle Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030  - Fairfax Ridge - 1 bedroom condo. $155,000

We just closed another Bank of America BOA short sale 9/15/11

Quick Facts
Hardship: To Much Debt, Loss of renter, Upside Down on the mortgage
Days to close: 75 days

The seller was forgiven over 100k and does not have to pay the bank back. It took us 75 days from contract ratification to close on this Bank of America short sale.

We had no issues with Bank of America on this and we got them to accept this short sale very quickly. Most of the time we are able to get BOA to cave to our demands unless there is mortgage insurance, then its a little tougher.

If you have any questions concerning BOA Bank of America Short Sales Contact Us. We have a proven record with BOA Bank of America (Preforeclosure) Short Sales. We can help you with BOA Bank of America Short Sale in Virginia & Maryland.