BOA Bank of America & M&T Bank Short Sale Approval Letter Deficiency waived Fairfax, VA Penderbrook Square Condo

If you have a condo at Penderbrook Square or Northern Virginia, let us help you do a short sale so you do not waste away your life savings on a home upside down. I was in the same situation you are 2 years ago when I had to short sale my home. I know exactly what you are going through and would be honored to have a free consultation with you.  Call Nate at 703-725-2929

M&T Bank and Bank of America BOA were the loans on this short sale. Read the approval letters below. Real Estate Agent Short Sale Specialist for Virginia & Maryland

3904 PENDERVIEW DR 707 FAIRFAX VA 22033 - 1bd/1ba - $145,000
We continue to be 100% in completing short sales for our sellers. Its important you hire a short sale specialist with experience with your bank.

We just got this short sale approved. The seller was forgiven over 75k
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Quick Facts

Hardship: Upside Down on the mortgage, relocated for work out of state

Ratified Contract: 2/27/2013
Final Approval Date: 4/24/2013
Close Date: 5/17/2013

Result: Full deficiency waiver for seller. Read the approval letters below.

This short sale went rather smoothly compared to most of ours.  We had a slight problem with the appraisal but came to terms with the buyer at $145,000.  Our seller was forgiven the entire deficiency and did not have to pay the bank any money at all!

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If you have any questions concerning M&T Bank or BOA Bank of America Contact Us. We have a proven record with M&T Bank or BOA Bank of America. We can help you with M&T Bank or BOA Bank of America in Virginia & Maryland.