Greentree Mortgage Fairfax Ridge Short Sale Approved! Deficiency waived 2bd condo Aristotle Drive

We are confident that if we decide to work with you we will get your short sale approved and the deficiency waived!  We have 100% success and helped over 150 short sellers.

If you have a loan with Greentree or a condo at Fairfax Ridge or in Northern Virginia, let us help you do a short sale so you do not waste away your life savings on a home upside down. I was in the same situation you are 2 years ago when I had to short sale my home. I know exactly what you are going through and would be honored to have a free consultation with you.  Call Nate at 571-477-1245

Greentree held the loans on this short sale. Read the approval letters below. Real Estate Agent Short Sale Specialist for Virginia & Maryland

11317 Aristotle Drive , FAIRFAX VA 22033 - 1bd/1ba - $255,000
We continue to be 100% in completing short sales for our sellers. Its important you hire a short sale specialist with experience with your bank.

We just got this short sale approved. The seller was forgiven over 50k
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Quick Facts

Hardship: Upside Down on the mortgage, family expanded and condo was too small

Ratified Contract: 1/2/2014
Final Approval Date: 12/21/2013
Close Date: 1/16/2014

Result: Full deficiency waiver for seller. Read the approval letters below.

This short sale started in August. We lost the first buyer because they didn't want to wait any longer.  We got the approval and had to substitute a new buyer quickly in time to close Jan 16 2014.  Greentree was pretty easy to work with on this one overall after some hard negotiations to get them to waive the deficiency.

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How Do I Know If I Qualify For A Short Sale in Virginia or Maryland?

How Do I Know If I Qualify For A Short Sale in Virginia or Maryland?

For Virginia or Maryland homeowners to qualify for a short sale, they must have the following circumstances:
  • Financial Hardship – There is a situation causing you to have trouble affording your mortgage.
  • Monthly Income Shortfall – In other words: “You have more month than money.” A lender will want to see that you cannot afford, or soon will not be able to afford your mortgage.
  • Insolvency – The lender will want to see that you do not have significant liquid assets that would allow you to pay down your mortgage.
*Most of the clients we work with could very well keep their home, but they decide to make a business decision and cut their losses.

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This seems simple enough, but it is a complicated process that takes the expertise of qualified short sale professionals. I am a Virginia & Maryland certified short sale specialist and am ready to identify all possible options and assist in the quick execution of your short sale transaction.