Short Sales! Short Sales! Short Sales!

Our team is moving along really fast with our current short sales. If you recall by reading our blog, the first 30 days are really critical in hopes that we can get the approval letter in less than 90 days.

We have a Cenlar / Bayview / Fidelty & Trust / everyone owns this loan! short sale that we got the packet received, negotiator assigned and BPO done in less than 7 days!!  That is our fastest one yet.  We hope to have approval on this one in less than 60 days!

We have 3 short sales starting the begining of July and 3-4 starting in August. We should also have 3 more closed in July and we are working on 5 short sales right now.  We are also working with 2 couples who are able to buy a new bigger home and then short sale their current home. 

All of our short sales so far are being forgiven the deficiency and none of our sellers have been foreclosed on!

Short sales are tricky and you want the BEST representing you throughout this process. If you have any questions about short sales, please read our FAQ's section and then setup a time to chat with us on the phone.