What Our Clients Say:

Jarrod & Monette had a baby
and outgrew the size of their
condo and needed to short sale.

Nicole was denied numerous
times for a loan modification &
refinance. She decided a short sale
was her best option.

Samantha only had to wait
2 months for her short sale
condo in Fairfax.

Allyson bought a foreclosure
condo in Fairfax at a great price.

Erik & Liana were upside down
and outgrew the size of their
townhome and needed to short sale.

Judy Short Sold Her Condo
(She decided not to waste away
her savings on a property $80,000
upside down)

Tiree (first time home-buyer) just
bought a foreclosure with the
12:45 Team.

Henry bought an investment condo
and had great experience with the
12:45 Team.

John bought his townhome well below
market value.

Joe & Rachael were first time
home buyers.

Brian was a first time home buyer who
recommends the 12:45 Team.

Enuma - Short Sold Her Condo Nate was the best! He had the condo under contract soon after it was listed. You could not find a better realtor to take you through the short sale process. The short sale process went through very smoothly. His team really had the entire process down so there were no surprises. There is no doubt that I would be working with Nate Johnson in any of my future real estate dealings. He knows the business!

Neil & Mary - Short Sold Their Townhome Thanks for all your help guiding us the through the home sale. We were both very happy to finally get it all done. Although going through the short sale was not a fun process you helped make it bearable and keep us informed. We are more happy getting out of the house then we bought it.

Lisa - First Time Home Buyer Most realtors are pushy. He wasn't at all. Yet always available/quick to reply with my questions, even after closing when he didn't have to care anymore.

Chris - Short Sold His Condo The short sale was fairly simplistic once I understood all of the moving parts. There are some things you need to know up front or things to look for once you get the paperwork. But overall process went well. I would absolutely refer Nate to my friends and family

JD & Allison - First Time Home Buyers We encountered the typical issues with a short sale: non-responsive bank, extremely long wait times. It was tough dealing with a low inventory market. Nate made everything else easy. Nate worked very hard to find the home that we wanted. We encountered some tough situations, but he kept us informed and walked us through the process. We will call him again when we start to expand our family.